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Hi, Makrand Patwardhan here!

UX Designer. Analyst. Learner-at-heart

I listen to the users and design solutions, tailored to their needs, to help them live and work better.


A little about me...

Oddball with loads of energy and love to work with people!

I am a UX Designer, primarily focussing on UX Research, Information Architecture and Interaction Design functions. I have designed internal websites and applications (like knowledge portals, management tools, dashboards). 


I bring to table my storytelling and problem-solving skills with a keen eye for detail, which I have developed over the course of my 9+ year career in Business Analyst and Designer roles.


I am a AV buff (Movies, Series, Documentaries) and love being on the stage - Dance, sing or just be the host!

My Work

Redesign of

"Karnataka One"

mobile app

A case-study about analysis of app UX and new design to make it consistent across Karnataka One brand

Work Link

Contact Me

  • Gmail (
  • LinkedIn (makrandp)
  • Twitter (masktoon)

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